What To Do When You’re Left With A Crime Scene To Cleanup

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Crime scene cleanup requires more than just the physical work. It demands attention, patience and a strong-willed individual. Hopefully, this won’t ever have to be something that you find yourself dealing with. But unfortunately, it does happen, and often at very unexpected times. If you find yourself or someone you know in this situation, understand that the aftermath of such a scaring event can lead to strong emotional distress. It may not even be at the forefront of your mind, considering everything that is happening around you.

Here are a few tips for a sustainable, safe cleanup that will get you on your way and left without any bio-waste.

Don’t Use Clorox

Clorox has recently added “crime scene cleanup” to their list of uses. However, Clorox is highly discouraged by industry professionals as it is not the “catch all” miracle disinfectant that many people think it is. Many bacteria and viruses are actually fairly resistant to ingredients like bleach, and what’s worse, bleach can be highly dangerous.

Depending on the mixture, the bleach in Clorox can produce extremely dangerous gasses into the air. Bleach can also cause skin irritations and even sickness if you inhale too much. Exposing yourself to that amount of bleach can be extremely harmful to you. This is unacceptable in a time when you need to keep a level-head and unwavered attention.

Wear Protective Gear

This may seem fairly obvious, but no one should go anywhere near a deceased body without sporting the proper gear. Without proper protection, you may be exposed to infection or another person’s blood. This could result in a very serious illness. In order to avoid that, gear up before handling a body removal. Safety measures for apparel could include anything from proper shoes, to protective eye gear, to coveralls. For a full list of options on protective gear, click here.

Stay in Contact with the Police

In an ideal scenario, cleaning up a crime scene would be left to a professional. However, we know that that is not always the case. Should you find yourself in the position of cleaning a crime scene, make sure that you are staying in contact with law enforcement officials. Tampering with a crime scene can have serious repercussions, so keeping them in the loop is crucial.

Call a Professional

At the end of the day, this all may be a little too much to take on. It is no small feat. Calling in a professional is the best way to ensure that the cleanup is handled properly. This will guarantee that you are free of potential health risks, they have special equipment on hand to quickly take care of the body, and it will take the anxiety and stress out of taking on such an emotionally exhaustive task.

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