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Woman pinching nose due to odorOdor Removal Services

Our professional team also specializes in odor abatement and odor removal services for our clients.  Whether your odor is caused by water or flooding, is a persistent smoke odor, or is caused by bio-hazardous or medical materials, our team can help you.

We leave no trace of odor

Destructive agents like fire, smoke, and water – as well as medical fluids like blood, urine, and others – can leave behind odors which require professional biohazard cleanup techniques to remove. Our odor abatement services will completely remove tell-tale odors from crime scenes, trauma scenes, or other locations with undesirable, persistent odors.  By first identifying the cause, and then determining the conditions by which it operates, our professional team have the training and technology to remove virtually any odor, leaving no trace once the odor abatement service is complete.

The science of identifying odors, and of odor abatement services is a difficult discipline to master, so trust the experts here at 911 Hazmat Cleanup to provide you with top tier biohazard cleanup services, including odor removal.

Tobacco and Smoke Smell Abatement and Removal

We specialize in tobacco and smoke smell abatement and removal from previous residents or office tenants. We use safe and cutting-edge odor control technologies to remove stubborn odor sources.

Cigarette manufacturing companies use industrial curing agents, chemical preservatives, inert fillers, and artificial flavors that give cigarettes their odor, which can linger on couches, walls, and even waterproof bathroom tiles for decades. It leaves synthetic and organic compounds that make odor control very difficult with only household methods. According to research from the CDC, over 30.8 million adults in America are active smokers. Smoking indoors can have a lasting effect on not only personal items but the structure of the building itself.

Cigarettes and cigars are not the only cause of smoke odor. Damage after a fire can leave the odor of smoke behind in drapes and furniture, on walls, carpets, and more.

If you are seeking professional help to remediate tobacco and smoke smells, contact 911 Hazmat today.


Skunk odor abatementSkunk Odor Abatement and Removal

Out of the 12 known species of skunks, ten are present in the western hemisphere and two are commonly found in California – The spotted skunk and striped skunk. Many skunks reside near suburbs and commercial areas where they dumpster dive for food. Every year, our odor abatement professionals at 911 Hazmat Cleanup decontaminate living rooms, kitchens, and yards from the pervasive stench of skunk spray.

According to researchers from the University of Nebraska, your nose can detect skunk odors in concentrations as light as ten parts per billion. If a skunk sprays your dog in your backyard, your neighbors will immediately know about it. Skunk odor abatement and removal can be difficult without the proper equipment and cleaning supplies. Many home remedies still leave an odor behind.

Our odor abatement professionals at 911 Hazmat Cleanup have decades of experience removing unpleasant odors from offices, apartment complexes, and homes. We use state-of-the-art deodorants and detergents to remove skunk odor in homes and commercial spaces. Call us today to request odor abatement services in San Francisco, Ripon, Sacramento, Oakland, Stockton, San Jose, CA, and surrounding areas.

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