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Cleanup Residual Tear Gas Damage

If you’re looking for effective and affordable tear gas removal for your home or business, call our licensed technicians at 911 Hazmat Cleanup to get a free quote. We are experts in tear gas removal, with hundreds of stellar ratings from satisfied customers on online forums, review apps, and independent websites. We have a multi-step tear gas cleanup process that removes 100% of the chemical compounds responsible for breathing problems, watery eyes, and irritation of mucous membranes.

Tear gas cleanup services prevent untrained employees, DIY cleanup crews, and homeowners from reactivating a chemical weapon through incorrect handling. Our state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience help us conduct it for a broad range of clients with a perfect service record in San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Ripon, CA, and other areas.



Tear Gas Removal by Professionals

A lacrimator, also known as tear gas, is a riot control agent that renders people immobile by attacking their tear ducts, throat, and upper respiratory tract.

Damage to your home from tear gas can be devastating. It may cause permanent damage to your property or personal items without the proper treatment. Homes where law enforcement used tear gas to subdue suspects can sustain both visible and invisible damage. Tear gas pellets may physically damage your property and tear gas residue can become a health hazard to your family.

Four kinds of tear gas exist on the market. Each requires different cleanup methods to eliminate:

  • Chloroacetophenone, also known as mace, is famous for its use in police departments.
  • Oleoresin Capsicum, also known as pepper spray, is a self-defense tool employed by millions of private individuals.
  • Dibenzoxazepine, also known as CR gas or fire gas, is twice as potent as mace and uses water as a pain amplifier.
  • Chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS gas, is found in stun grenades and has a lesser effect on animals.

Tear Gas Cleanup Services

Tear gas cleanup skills require years of professional experience to perfect and are not suitable for DIY crews. It may involve the removal of furniture and the use of industrial vacuums and cleaners to avoid reactivation. Porous materials like couches, drapery, and drywall may require outright removal and replacement.

Our technicians use HAZMAT suits, ULPA vacuums, and high-efficiency particulate air masks on every tear gas cleanup job in San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Ripon, CA, and the surrounding areas. We apply surfactants and an alkaline water solution to the affected areas up to six times before confirming no tear gas residue is left.

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