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IICRC Certified Trained Technicians

Our firm is certified with the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This organization began in 1972 and has since grown to provide several industry standards as well as certifications for cleaning and restoration in a variety of industries and scenarios.

Our firm currently holds the following certifications:

All of this means that you can trust that our team has the latest knowledge and skills to handle various situations. Whether your situation involves cleaning up after a fire, discovering mold, dealing with water damage, having a hoarding situation or biohazard clean up, or other situations that you aren’t sure how to properly handle, you can turn to us for help. In most of these cases, our team should deal with things due to our training that protects you as well as ourselves.

Trained And Ready for a Variety of Biohazard Scenarios

It is a scene that most of us will only experience on television or in a movie: having your home or place of work in San Francisco, San Jose, or any number of the surrounding cities and towns turn into a crime scene or a biohazard. The police will do their work, but what happens after they leave? Who can you trust that will do the job of cleaning up properly? At 911 Hazmat Clean Up, we understand both the importance of what law enforcement does as well as the impact that is left on friends and families.

Our owners each have 20 years of law enforcement experience along with various certifications that allow us to handle crime scene clean up, hoarding clean up, and more. We do all this with compassion and a client-first approach following our proprietary 6-step bio-remediation process that ensures every job is completed correctly and meets all safety standards. Contact us today to learn more about all that our team can do.


Our IICRC Certified Firm Keeps Our Team Trained for a Variety of Services

A Bio-Technician Conducting Biohazard Cleanup in the Sacramento, CA, areaJust because our technicians are certified doesn’t mean that their work is over. To maintain these certifications our team must continuously be learning. Each certification has continuing education requirements that must be met to maintain the certification. We obtain this training via hands-on training, webinars, and conferences, and all of these must be documented to maintain those certifications. This means that our clients know we are using the latest knowledge and technology to do the best job we can.

Many of our projects involve situations that most people are not prepared for and don’t know what to do when they find themselves in the middle of it. This is why 911 Hazmat Clean Up exists, to provide a needed service with trained professionals who are available 24/7. When you need us we will be there, all you need to do is call us.

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