Fresno Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Hoarder Cleanup with Declutter, Bio-Hazard and Rodent Feces Cleanup Services in Fresno

Fresno, the home of California State University, is the largest inland city in California. It is a popular pass-through located at some of the largest agricultural areas in the country in the center of San Joaquin Valley. Many tourists stop in Fresno while on their way to visit Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Parks to see the giant redwoods.

Unattended DeathResidents can often be found at Woodward Park, a regional park and bird sanctuary original part of the late Ralph Woodward’s estate. The park is located on the bank of the San Joaquin River and covers an impressive 300 acres.  Besides the many opportunities for bird watching, residents can also enjoy the other amenities of the park including a multi-use amphitheater, dog park, equestrian trail, exercise course, multiple playgrounds and 7 picnic areas. Neighborhoods include the popular Sunnyside, bordered by Chestnut Avenue. Although long ago much of it was an alfalfa field, now stately homes from the early 20th century line the streets that run into Kings Canyon Avenue and Clovis Avenue.

If residents of Fresno and nearby communities of Merced and South Selma every find themselves in the unthinkable situation of bio-hazard cleanup, they can rely on the experts at 911 Hazmat Cleanup to gently guide them through bio-hazard cleaning. All of 911 Hazmat Cleanup team members are carefully training in the protocols of dangerous and toxic situations including human waste, sewage and accident cleanup.

Accident Cleanup

DeClutter Cleanup

Some families may find themselves in circumstances that include decluttering, rodent feces and hoarder cleanup in Fresno that might include unsafe or unknown environments which shouldn’t risk your safety. Some of these situations may even also include unattended death cleanup. It’s best to leave unknown situations to experts educated in the proper protocols for efficient cleanup and removal of potentially dangerous materials from any situation.

911 Hazmat Cleanup treats every client with care, sensitivity and discretion. We realize this is a tough and emotional situation for your family and want to help you as best we can. We have some of the most experienced and seasoned team members that have worked in multiple conditions and are familiar with the sensitive nature of death cleanup including forensic and blood cleanup. Our team members can be considered some of the top crime scene cleaners in Fresno.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Residents that ever find themselves with the need for unattended death cleanup in Fresno can rest assured that the experts at 911 Hazmat Cleanup will take care of their situation from start to finish with compassion, kindness and professionalism. We use discreet vehicles, answer any questions and provide all reporting for your insurance agency.

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