Guidelines To Handle Unattended Death/Suicide Cleanup On Your Own

Dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one is as traumatic as dealing with the aftermath of a tragic event.

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality that too many people have to handle at a difficult time. But grieving families must know how to handle the cleanup to restore it to a livable state.

No wonder that dealing with the emotions that follow can be extremely stressful, especially for someone who has lost a loved one to suicide. However, at the same time, cleaning up the scene is largely another responsibility which many people do not think about. It’s an unthinkable task for those mourning the unexpected death of a family member or friend. So, this blog post will guide you for a safe Suicide cleanup.

Points To Remember For Safe Unattended Death/Suicide Cleanup

On top of the emotional trauma that goes along with Unattended Death/Suicide cleanup, there are health factors to think of as well.

A suicide or any death scene is likely a frightful one, with bodily components that can pose serious airborne health threats to others, including hepatitis and HIV, viruses that do not require to show outward signs of illness, and many more. It is necessary to protect yourself from exposure to these biohazardous materials when cleaning up.

Let’s read on some guidelines to prevent infection:

● Make sure you wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The kit includes coveralls, respirators, disposable gloves, goggles, and safety shoes.
● Pick biohazard bags. Whenever you throw out contaminated materials, make sure to use marked biohazard bags that can be securely closed.
● Cleanse the entire affected area with a registered disinfectant that has a broad spectrum kill claim. Do not mix the solution with any other cleaning
agents and follow the instructions carefully.
● Decontaminate the reusable equipment. Buckets, brooms, and other equipment used in the cleanup must be effectively sanitized with a solution containing a
broad-spectrum kill claim and left to air dry.
● Last but not least. If any part of the body is exposed, seek immediate medical attention. Be sure to rinse any areas that have become exposed thoroughly,
and if a wound or cut was exposed, seek a doctor immediately.

But Wait, There’s One Another Option Too

Rather than attempting to clean up a suicide scene on your own, you can hire a professional company offering Unattended Death, Suicide, Homicide, and Blood Cleanup.

Being professional cleaners, they will help in determining how to deal with the aftermath of a tragic event and will also effectively and swiftly clean up the scene.

Here are a few reasons to leave Unattended Death/Suicide cleanup to the professionals:

● By calling for a suicide clean-up service, you don’t have to deal with a continuous reminder of your loved one’s suicide for days after the incident. The
professionals will offer you the service and will clean/sanitize the scene as soon as possible.
● In the aftermath of a suicide, there may be significant amounts of bodily fluids and other biohazard materials left at the scene. Hence, your cleanup
professionals will use special techniques and equipment to make sure that biohazards are properly and safely eliminated. They will effectively abolish
every trace of the suicide event.
● As we mentioned above, that human remains and bodily fluid may comprise harmful pathogens and infectious diseases — and it can easily pass to humans if
precautions aren’t taken at the outset of the clean-up project. Hence, once clean-up is done, your place will back to as safe and healthy as it was
before. This way, you can grieve the loss of your loved one without any other stress on the mind.

Final Words

Whether you do it yourself or call professionals, make sure you are not putting yourselves at risk.

However, calling professionals is recommended because they can take this burden off your shoulders and turn your property back to a safe and livable condition again.

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