Why 911Hazmat Cleanup is the Top Hoarding Cleanup Company in Sacramento

Hoarding is a serious and debilitating mental health disorder. You may be taking the courageous plunge into cleaning your home, or maybe you were enlisted by a loved one. Either way, this decision is no small feat, and can often come with a lot of unexpected emotional reactions. Seeking the help of a professional service will ensure that your possessions are handled with care, while freeing you from the daunting task of parting with your things.

Look no further than 911Hazmat Cleanup.

Why Choose 911Hazmat Cleanup? 

911 Hazmat Cleanup has been diligent about keeping up with proper safety precautions. Due to the COVI-19 outbreak, all employees are required to come equipped with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer on hand. They adhere to frequent temperature checks, enforce social distancing, and offer a contactless payment setup. Your safety and sanitization is of the utmost importance, and we do everything in our power to encourage a safe cleanup. l

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Throughout the years, 911HazmatCleanup has helped countless families in the Sacramento area. The professionalism speaks for itself; every review you find on Yelp is 5 stars. We understand the importance of treating every new customer with kindness, respect and empathy. Here is what one Yelp reviewer had to say about her experience:

“We called 911 Hazmat to clean a neighbor’s house.   What an amazing group of young workers.   I had the privilege of meeting the owner of the company and she is very professional and friendly. The workers said that this is a great company to work for.   The team leader Sara was amazing too. They truly care about the owner’s feelings and are great at engaging in conversation. They take the time to get to know the owner of the house before they start to clean. They did such a professional job cleaning and sanitizing. I highly recommend this company if you have a lot of things to dispose [of] and you need a specific area or whole house professionally cleaned.”

Best Bang For Your Buck 

911HazmatCleanup offers a comprehensive list of services, all at a competitive price. With pricing packages for hoarding clean up, we cater to your cleanup needs. We understand that every cleanup is a unique situation, and treat them as such. For a full list of cleanup services offered click here

Call to Action

Enlisting the help of a professional cleanup service may feel like admitting defeat. But in actuality, seeking out help is the first step in controlling your mental health and living a full life. Allow 911HazmatCleanup to take care of the legwork, and give them a call or shoot us an email today.

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