What Steps to Take for a Suicide Cleaning

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Suicide of a loved one is usually, if not always, a complete surprise. It’s an emotional and delicate time and can garner a lot of overwhelming feelings. Additionally, you may find yourself unfortunately in charge of handling the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Suicide cleanup requires more than just the physical work. It demands attention, patience and a strong-willed individual. After the authorities have left, you may find yourself dealing with the cleanup of the bodily residue that was left behind. This endeavor can be especially taxing if you are cleaning up the residue of a loved one that has passed away.

Should you be Taking on this Task Alone? 

Hopefully, this won’t ever have to be something that you find yourself dealing with. But unfortunately, it is a fact of life in many cases, and often occurs at very unexpected times.

If you find yourself or someone you know in this situation, understand that the aftermath of such a scaring event can lead to strong emotional distress. Cleaning the aftermath of a body may not even be at the forefront of your mind, considering everything that is happening around you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about cleaning the scene up yourself. And be sure to ask yourself: Is it really worth it?

Wear Protective Gear

Taking on the task yourself means finding the right protective gear.  This may seem fairly obvious, but no one should go anywhere near deceased bodily fluids without sporting the proper gear. Without proper protection, you may be exposed to infection or another person’s blood. This could result in a very serious illness. In order to avoid that, gear up before cleaning up bodily fluids. Safety measures for apparel could include anything from proper shoes, to protective eye gear, to coveralls. You may also notice an odd smell, as bodily fluids can seep into your carpet over time and cause staining. Consider bringing along something that allows you to plug your nose or mask the odor while you clean.

Since these are products that are not always easily found in a hardware store, you might be at a loss. It takes a lot of research and shopping around to find the most effective cleaning tools for this kind of undertaking. Sometimes it might just be best to call in the expertise of a professional.

Call a Professional

At first, you may think that it would be easier and cheaper to handle the cleanup yourself. But before you do so, ask yourself “am I emotionally equipped to handle this?” If the answer is no, you are not alone. Most people can’t handle a burden so heavy, only later realizing how taxing it is. It interrupts your grieving process and introduces an entire effort that you may not have been prepared to put forward. Are you sure you want to be the person that cleans up the mess after a suicide?

At the end of the day, this all may be a little too much to take on. It is no small feat, and can be extremely traumatic. Calling in a professional is the best way to ensure that the cleanup is handled properly and quickly. This will guarantee that you are free of potential health risks, that the cleanup is handled properly and with care, and it will take the anxiety and stress out of taking on such an emotionally exhaustive task. Plus, it will be taken care of quickly, allowing you the opportunity to start moving forward with your life.

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