Hoarding Cleaning, Human Waste Clean Up, Rodent Feces Cleaning Alameda, CA

Compulsive hoarding is a psychological condition that presents with severe difficulty in getting rid of objects and possessions. The sheer accumulation of stuff can become overwhelming. Our team at 911 Hazmat Cleanup is here to help. We offer professional hoarding clean up services in the Alameda County area of San Francisco.

Hoarder Clean Up in Alameda, CAHoarder Clean Up in Alameda, CA

Hoarding situations go beyond a simple mess. They create a breeding ground for pests and mold that can lead to health hazards. We’ll not only clear away all the trash and junk from the space but address the health concerns created by it as well. It’s vital to call a team of trained professionals to handle things like mold, as merely breathing in the air in the room can be harmful.

Our team will respect you and your family throughout the cleanup process and employ a thorough six-step bioremediation cleaning process. We start by treating your home with a fogger to reduce pest populations immediately.

Then we clean, disinfect, and decontaminate all surfaces. After everything is clean, we sterilize the entire home with commercial steamers. Finally, we finish off the process with encapsulation, which kills most viruses within five minutes.


Human Waste and Rodent Feces Clean Up in Alameda, California

Even if there are rodent droppings or human waste in the home, you can count on us to restore it safely and respectfully. Rodents are common in hoarding situations and can leave behind toxic chemicals and pathogenic parasites that pose a serious health risk. Our team can handle animal feces, sewage, human waste cleanup, and more without a problem. At 911 Hazmat Cleanup, we use the industry’s best tools to eliminate these risks without using biohazardous chemicals. Our team will leave the space clean, disinfected, and ready to use again.

We strictly adhere to all safety and legal requirements set by OSHA, the EPA, and the Department of Transportation. Call us for all your biohazard remediation and cleanup needs in Alameda and the surrounding areas.

About Alameda, California

If you want to see a beautiful coastal city, visit Alameda, CA. It was the arrival site of the first transcontinental train in the United States. Owing to its rich history, Alameda has no shortage of attractions, including the USS Hornet- Sea, Air, and Space Museum, Crab Cove Visitor Center, the Hangar 1 Distillery, and the paradisal Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach, among others.