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Before and after mold remediationMold Removal and Remediation

When it comes to biohazard cleanup, the experts here at 911 Hazmat Cleanup understand that often it’s the things you can’t see which will cause you the most problems. That is certainly the case with microbial agents like mold and sewage.  Mold and sewage cleanup services at 911 Hazmat Cleanup allows you the peace of mind of correcting a very dangerous situation.  Water damage remediation often uncovers molds, particularly in sites that have seen some flooding, and often hidden plumbing problems can result in sewage leaking inside your home or business.  In either case, this is a very dangerous situation – this mold and sewage contain harmful microbes which can cause sickness and discomfort in many people.

Our sewage and mold cleanup technicians follow all the proper procedures for cleaning these kinds of biohazardous materials, and will be able to inspect your mold or sewage problem, clean it, repair any necessary leaks, treat any contaminated materials or soils in and around your home or business.  If you find yourself in need of mold or sewage cleanup services, don’t hesitate to contact 911 Hazmat Cleanup right away.

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