Clorox Should Not be Used for a Crime Scene Cleanup – Here’s Why

Caring for the body of a neighbor or loved one after a crime scene is a traumatic event that no one should have to deal with. However, the unfortunate truth is that it may unexpectedly come up in your lifetime. Death rarely comes at convenient or even expected times, and overwhelming senses of grief or panic can affect your judgment. With a lack of experience in the field, it may seem logical to use Clorox as a product for your crime scene cleanup. Despite the fact that it is mentioned as an effective tool for crime scene cleanup on the back of its bottle, this is highly inadvisable. Below are a few reasons why this common household item should not interfere with a crime scene cleanup.

The Mixture Can Produce Harmful Gases

Phosphene gas is a harmful product that can be produced with the help of Clorox. This dangerous gas is created when mixed with ammonia, a primary proponent found in bodily fluids. Together, these can produce harmful chemicals that can cause serious physical injury if it comes in contact with skin. Not to mention, the fumes from these chemicals can cause deadly harm if inhaled.

Clorox Can Cause Rashes

Clorox contains several ingredients that can be extremely harmful to the skin if exposed for a prolonged amount of time. Bleach is so powerful that it can change the color from your skin should you choose not to wear latex gloves. It is not an item that is meant to be mixed with skin. Too much exposure to bleach can cause irritation, rashes, dryness and pigment changes to your body.

It’s Not an Effective Use of Cleanup

Fluids from deceased bodies are considered extremely harmful substances. They contain pathogens that can cause serious infectious diseases if not handled properly. Since Clorox should only be considered for basic household cleaning, it is not equipped to handle such a large endeavor. Bleach alone should not be used to clean up a scene like this, and can possibly lead to an even worse infection. Professionals that deal with crime scene cleanup on a daily basis are prepared with equipment that is tested and approved by the government.

A life changing event as huge as this one likely means that taking care of the crime scene is the last thing you want to do. Since this is a huge, emotionally exhausting task to take on, this is a job best left to professionals. They understand the industry standards, and can take care of this traumatic event swiftly and effectively.

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