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Rodent feces clean up in Oakland, CARodent Feces Clean Up

If you’re a homeowner, business owner, landlord, or property management professional, you want to make sure your properties are sanitary and safe for you, your employees, or your tenants – and if children are involved, these needs are magnified significantly. When those working or living in buildings begin getting sick for no discernible reason, and no mold is present, animal or rodent feces is often the culprit.  In a case requiring animal or rodent feces cleanup, there is often an accompanying odor that can be quite unpleasant – but the odor alone is not the real problem.

All packages include the following services:

  • Enzyme Treatment
  • Feces Cleanup
  • Disinfection
  • Decontamination
  • Deodorization
  • Waste Disposal

*Removal of Urine Soaked/Contaminated Insulation
(additional cost will apply if this service is needed)

Rodent feces clean up in San Jose, CA, in the ceiling insulationAnimal Feces Cleanup Experts

Our team here at 911 Hazmat Cleanup are experienced professionals in animal feces cleanup, mold remediation, and odor abatement who can help restore your building to the safe environment it needs to be. Animal or rodent feces can harbor deadly health hazards and pathogens, including parasites like roundworm, and pose serious health risks anywhere they are allowed to accumulate and remain.  Rodent feces cleanup can help guard against Hantavirus, and other, seemingly innocuous feces like pigeon or bat feces contain a spore that has been linked to lung disease if inhaled.  As serious and as unhealthy as this is, these animal or rodent feces also contain pheromones, drawing even more animals or rodents to leave their own droppings, compounding the already serious problems.

For these reasons, animal feces cleanup is not a task that should be taken on by anyone who is not a trained professional in biohazard remediation.  The experts at 911 Hazmat Cleanup can quickly and professionally perform your animal or rodent feces cleanup, performing odor abatement to remove the unpleasant smells, and restoring your building to a completely safe environment you can feel comfortable in once again.



(If additional techs or vehicles are necessary you will be advised before the job begins.)

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