Communicable Disease Disinfection

Bio-Hazard Cleanup
Serving Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Oakland and Surrounding Areas

Whenever the team at 911 Hazmat Cleanup is faced with bioremediation or blood cleanup tasks, we always treat every scene as if they contain pathogens – and for good reason.  Even small traces of blood or other biological fluids can contain a wide array of bacteria, bloodborne diseases, and other hazards or parasites.  These invisible dangers have no smell, and often lie dormant until the infection takes hold.  For this reason, 911 Hazmat Cleanup urges you if you have a need for biohazard cleanup of any kind, please take the risks seriously and allow our expert team to professionally perform communicable disease disinfection and biohazard remediation at your location. Even a location you believe is entirely clean can still contain enough pathogens to place you and your family at risk years later, so even if you’ve already cleaned the scene, a professional communicable disease disinfection could be the difference between years of health or a serious illness down the line.

The team at 911 Hazmat Cleanup uses the latest standards for all our communicable disease disinfection procedures, ensuring that your location is held to the same exacting standards for sanitation as food preparation or healthcare facilities.  We do this by carefully cleaning the entire area with our own proprietary cleaning agents followed by a strict procedure for disinfection.  Finally, we test every surface, and only once we are certain that the communicable disease disinfection has been performed effectively do we call the job “finished.”  Once the biohazard cleanup is compete, we will remove any bio-hazardous materials in clearly marked containers and ensure that they are properly disposed of.  If you are in need for professional biohazard clean up or communicable disease disinfection, trust the experts at 911 Hazmat Cleanup.

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